10-minute Triceps Burn For Incredible Arms

10-minute Triceps Burn For Incredible Arms

This is one of most popular body-weight triceps exercises at home, since it requires a great amount of pressure to each muscle head and you only need a bench, a chair or you can even perform it on edge of your bed.

Training the biceps is not enough to gain muscle in the arms, since the triceps are 60% of the muscle mass of this part of the body and, therefore, it is important to work them well. So that you can train correctly, we have selected the best exercises so that you can show off very toned arms.

How to perform triceps workout

In addition, you can choose 2 of 3 exercises which you perform 10 repetitions, you must complete 3 sets per exercise and 60 second rests.

1- Closed push-ups

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In closed push -ups, the position of arms must be as close to the trunk as possible, without interfering with the movement. In this way the route will allow a greater tension in the triceps (back of the arm) compared to the other positions.

2- Triceps dips

Triceps dips is one of most basic, but also one of the most effective calisthenics exercises to work the triceps muscle. In fact, this exercise has multiple variations, with seated triceps dips being one of the simplest.

Start by resting your hands -fingers inward- on a chair or bench (the lower, the more difficult) while keeping your knees bent, as if you were going to sit down.
Lower your trunk by bending your elbows – until you reach a 90º angle – keeping your elbows inward at all times.
Next, come back up using only your triceps. Repeat this movement.

3- Bench dip with elevated legs

For bench presses is to use another bench to support the legs, which allows you to extend the range of motion of this exercise, increasing the load on triceps.

Use 2 benches or chairs for this exercise. On one of the benches place your hands -fingers facing inwards- and on the other bench rest your feet. The higher the bench you place your feet on, the more difficult the exercise will be.
Lower your trunk by bending your elbows – until you reach a 90º angle – keeping your elbows inward and your back straight at all times.
Then, return to the starting position using only triceps to push. Repeat this movement.

4- Incline Pushups

incline push-up is a calisthenics and plyometrics exercise that primarily targets the triceps and to a lesser degree also targets the abs, chest, forearms, middle back and shoulders.

Place a flat bench 3-4 feet in front of you. Lean forward and place the palms of your hands just less than should width apart on the bench and keep your feet on the ground.
Make your body into a straight line and keep your core tight.
Bend at the elbows and lower your chest down to the bench.
Touch your chest to the bench and then push yourself up and off the bench.
Catch yourself with your hands and immediately get into your next repetition. Repeat this action for the desired amount of reps.

5- Diamond push-ups

Diamond push-ups consist of bringing the ends of your index fingers and thumbs together to recreate a diamond-like shape with your hands. This position requires a lot of strength, mainly in the triceps to go all the way down, until it touches your hands. In this way, you will also work your chest.

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