10 Great tricks to get the perfect eyebrows you don’t know

Makeup experts have always said it: we don’t change looks, we design the eyebrows.

Perfect Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the final touch to your face to make the frame of look. The style of your eyebrows is how you will look in the end. This is why many girls want to be fashionable and have perfect eyebrows.

You can find below the 10 best tricks for perfect eyebrows recommended by professional stylists and make-up artists.

1. Adjust eyebrow arch for better design

Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrow design changes your look completely, so first thing to do is to locate the highest point of your eyebrow with a pencil, as shown in this image.

2. Color a bow with more force than the beginning of the eyebrow

Perfect Eyebrows

You should never paint the whole eyebrow from beginning to end, the most beautiful thing will be when you paint only the arch of the eyebrow and below the hairline; This will give a natural blurring effect to your eyebrows.

3. Their eyebrows are sisters, not twins

Perfect Eyebrows

Please don’t make the horrible mistake of drawing and designing your eyebrows as cartoons, so that they look strangely alike. This takes away all the naturalness that eyebrows should have, remember that it’s okay if the left eyebrow is a little uneven on the right (don’t exaggerate the difference either), just stop worrying about them being “perfect”.

4. Apply some hairspray to your eye shadow.

Perfect Eyebrows

Just a little bit so that your shadow has a slightly more solid consistency when drawing your eyebrows, also remember to wet your brush a little bit and once it is very well wet with paint, draw your eyebrow hair by hair (especially the smallest hairs) until your eyebrow is full and abundant.

5. Always choose the most natural and similar color to your hair

Perfect Eyebrows

Certainly some girls have very thick eyebrows, and referring specifically to the thickness of the hair, but there are also girls with too thin eyebrows, almost transparent; so not making up the eyebrow is not an option, but to choose the right color always go to the safe one with your natural hair color.

6. Please consider the separation of your eyebrows in relation to the shape of your nose

Perfect Eyebrows

The more you bring your eyebrows together, the more refined and thinner your nose will look, but if your nose is a little flatter, avoid having your eyebrows too close together.

7. Draw always the bottom line of your eyebrow to emphasize the whole design

Perfect Eyebrows

Once you draw this line first, you will find it easier to blur the entire filling of your eyebrows from top to bottom. Use a spoon if you have trouble getting a straight, well-defined line.

8. Always create “lights” in your eyebrows with concealer lighter than your skin color

Perfect Eyebrows

When you have completed the design, coloring and fixing your eyebrow, always create lights with clear concealer or an off-white or vanilla pencil (white also works but we don’t recommend it so much because it takes away a lot of naturalness from the makeup, although in the end it will be a matter of taste), draw under the arch, the separation between the eyebrows and above too, just a little bit to give a cleaner and more natural finish to your makeup.

9. Make your own eyebrow mascara with coconut oil

Perfect Eyebrows

If you cannot wash a mascara that you no longer use but that you like with a brush, you can buy a brown mascara or even a clear one. Next, add a few drops of coconut oil and shake it well. This will not only make your eyebrows look good, it will also help your eyebrow hair grow healthier and stronger.

10. If you are still not happy with the amount of your eyebrows, you should consider micro pigmentation

Perfect Eyebrows

Although we believe that a thin, elegant eyebrow is just as beautiful as a large, thick one, we know that in extreme cases there are girls who can’t grow almost any eyebrows, so we understand the frustration when it comes to makeup. But for this we leave as a recommendation the micro-pigmentation of last resort, and if you are already convinced do it and find your perfect look.

Easy guide for perfect eyebrows