10 fat-burning workouts for women to slim arms fast

To tone and slim arms you don’t have to go to the gym, you can do this workout at home!

Sometimes you want to do a good exercise for your buttocks, abs or inner thighs so you look better in a swimsuit. However, it is essential to exercise the whole body and that is exactly why today we propose a special workout for your arms with super effective exercises. With this routine, you will have firmer, slimmer and more toned arms.

This slim arms workout routine are very easy to do to tone your arms and look as good in t-shirt.

Exercise 1: Arm extensions

slim arms workout

Stand up, with your back straight and your feet separated from the width of your hips.
Take a weight in each hand and extend one arm to the ceiling. Then bring this arm behind your shoulder by bending it.
Repeat the movement 30 times and change arms.
Try not to move your head during this exercise.

Exercise 2: Slapping push-ups

slim arms workout

That’ s like doing the basic push-up, except that when you get up there, you take your arms off the floor and give a round of applause with both hands. The secret is to keep a lot of strength and balance to do the exercise successfully.
No. of repetitions: 3 series, of 10 push-ups.

Exercise 3: Bicep curl

slim arms workout

Standing, with your feet together and your back straight.
Take a weight in each hand, with your arms attached to your body.
Raise your 2 forearms and your hands to shoulder level and slowly lower them back down.
Repeat this movement 40 time.

Exercise 4: Background triceps

slim arms workout

Stand with your back to a bench, chair or armchair and rest your arms on the seat, while extending your legs forward. Now, keep your back straight all the time and lower your torso until your buttocks almost touch the floor. Go up and repeat 3 sequences, in 12 movements.

Exercise 5: Plank

slim arms workout

On the floor, face down, lean on your elbows and toes.
Contract your body, taking care to always keep your back straight. Your whole body has to be aligned.
Hold the position for 60 seconds

Exercise 6: Triceps extension

slim arms workout

This exercise focuses specifically on the triceps. In order to perform it, hold some weight behind you while keeping your elbows pointed upward. Then, raise and lower your hands keeping your elbows in the same starting position, this way you will make the exercise focus the muscles that you want. Repeat the movement 30 times .

Exercise 7: Tricep kick

slim arms workout

The tricep kick is another exercise focused on strengthening these muscles. Lean forward, preferably using a bench or something for support. With your back parallel to the ground, start with your arm at a 90ยบ angle. Then extend your arm completely and bring it back to its initial position. Repeat this movement 30 time.

Exercise 8: Bust exercises

slim arms workout

Standing, with your feet separated from the width of your hips.
Take a weight in each hand and extend arms to one side, at shoulder height.
Bend your forearms and bring your elbows to the center in front of your face.
Extend your elbows again to return to the starting position.
Repeat this movement for 30 times.

Exercise 9: Arm rotations

slim arms workout

This is probably the easiest exercise of all those shown above. Simply stretch your arms out to the sides and describe small circles with your hands moving your whole arm from your shoulders. Repeat the movement 40 times

Exercise 10: Scissors

slim arms workout

Start with your arms extended to the sides, then bring them to the front making them cross until they form a kind of “X”. Finally, return the arms to their starting position and repeat the procedure, alternating each time the arm that remains above the other. Repeat the movement 30 times

Remember to warm up before and stretch later. Always choose weights adapted to your level. For beginners, prefer the 1kg weights. Repeat this session 3 times a week.

Share these helpful workout with all your friends! They will thank you later when they slim arms fat!