10 best exercises for inner thigh fat

This inner thigh area is one of the areas that most disarms your image when we look in the mirror because it greatly influences the harmony of our body. What can we do?

10 best exercises for inner thigh fat

The muscles located in the legs, thighs and hips cover almost 50% of the total muscle mass that a person has, but when training or performing exercises for our health there are certain parts of the body to which we do not pay enough importance, and for this reason we often forget to tone the thighs in their innermost region.

The important thing to remember is that toning the thighs is of great importance, not only because the inner thigh is often affected by flaccidity, but also because it helps to stabilize the pelvis and reduces the risk of suffering lumbar lordosis, as well as other problems associated with the incorrect position of spine.

In the list below, let’s get to know some efficient exercises for inner thigh. By performing a simple set of workouts focused on this area, twice a week, 3 sets of 15 repetitions, it is possible to strengthen and tone the thighs, achieving an improvement in the strength and stability of the area, as well as an improvement in the aesthetic aspect, but above all an improvement in mobility and health.

1. Cossack squat

best exercises for inner thigh fat

This variation of squat stimulates the lower body and defines all the angles of the thighs and glutes.

How to do: start standing, with feet much wider than shoulder-width apart, as the setup above demonstrates, leaving the arms relaxed alongside the body. Squat with the left leg, as deep as you can, while the right leg is extended, with the toes pointing up, like the one in the sample photo.


best exercises for inner thigh fat

Bring the trunk slightly forward, as a way to maintain balance and extend the arms forward with the fingertips pointing outward. Return to the starting position and change sides of squat.

2. Exercise with a ball for inner thigh

best exercises for inner thigh fat

This exercise is low-impact and works the legs, with special emphasis on the inner thigh.

How to do: stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointed forward. Position yourself at a forearm’s length near a sturdy chair, holding it gently with your right hand.

Then, place a small, soft ball or small pillow between the inner thighs. Position the left hand on the hip and raise the heels of the feet as in the first picture. Bend your knees and lower yourself approximately 2.5 cm. At this point, press the inner thighs into the ball, keep the shoulders engaged over the hips, the hips engaged over the ankles and the core rigid.

Lift the hips and bring the left hand over the head, as in the second picture, squeezing the ball with the inner thighs. Lower the 2.5 cm and repeat 29 more times. Then switch sides and do another 20 repetitions.

3. Tilted tree style lateral advance

best exercises for inner thigh fat

According to fitness trainer and gym owner Michelle Dozois, in addition to being one of the important exercises for the inner thigh, it also reaches the core, hips and lower body. According to her, the movement dynamically works the muscles, while improving range of motion, strengthening and endurance.

How to do: position yourself in a standing position, with both feet together and hands overhead. Flex the spine to the side, so that the shoulders and arms are to the left and the hips point to the right, as in the larger image.

Bring the arms down, making a half circle to the right, as you perform a deep side forward, with one leg extended, the other leg bent, the left hand resting on the bent leg, with the elbow bent and the right hand resting on the floor, at the center.

Step off the floor and return the arms to the previous position, while the left foot returns next to the right foot. Repeat nine more times, switch sides and do 20 repetitions.

4. Plié squat

best exercises for inner thigh fat

This variation of the squat activates the inner thighs, without having to use weights. However, if you wish, you can hold a barbell or kettlebell while doing the exercise.

If you have trouble balancing while doing the squat, hold on to a bench, chair or piece of furniture.

How to do: stand upright and place your feet in the plie position – toes turned out, core rigid and feet shoulder-width apart or in a position that is comfortable for you to perform the movement correctly.

With your pelvis straight and your upper body straight, lower your body until your thighs are close to or parallel to the floor, but without forcing. Hold the position for a moment while compressing the buttocks. Finally, return to the original position.

5. Lateral kettlebell push-up

best exercises for inner thigh fat

We have here another version of the lateral advance as one of the best exercises for inner thigh. This time, it appears with the kettlebell as a way to add weight to the movement.

How to do: position yourself standing, feet together, holding a kettlebell with both hands and arms extended down. Take a large step to the left with the left leg, as in the larger image, keeping the body tipped forward and the left foot slightly turned out, while flexing the right leg.

Then, bend the left knee and return from the step, leaving the left thigh parallel to the floor, while the right leg remains straight. Pause for a moment and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

6. Adductor compression with pilates ring

best exercises for inner thigh fat

This exercise from Pilates strengthens not only the inner thighs, but also the buttocks, which weaken when a person sits for a long time.

How to do: lie on your side, place a pilates ring between your ankles, extend one arm, while the other remains flexed, with your fingers resting on the floor and your head relaxed. The next step is to exhale and press down on the leg above and inhale the air as the pressure is released. The movement should be slow and controlled.

To make the exercise more difficult, you can extend the arm that is bent upwards towards the ceiling.

7. Plie jump

best exercises for inner thigh fat

This exercise for inner thighs, also works the glutes and abdominals.

How to do: position yourself standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned outward, arms extended alongside your body and thighs parallel to the floor. The next step is to jump as high as you can, keeping your legs wide apart and your arms extended above your head. Land in the starting, squat position.

8. Sumo squat with medicine ball

best exercises for inner thigh fat

Here is another variation of the squat. In this exercise, the feet remain wider than shoulder-width apart, which forces the muscles of the inner thighs to work harder.

How to do: with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, hold a medicine ball in front of your body. Lower yourself down until your legs are parallel, activating your abdominal muscles during the movement. At this point, your head should be kept up and your back straight.

For those who suffer with mobility limitation problems, it is allowed to do a half squat.

Lift while exhaling the air. Lift the ball overhead, activating the abdominal muscles, keeping the elbows soft and shoulders relaxed and down, while compressing the buttocks. Pause for a moment and return to the squat position.

9. Clams

best exercises for inner thigh fat

The ninth item on our list of inner thigh exercises is performed in the lying position and uses no weights.

How to do: lie on your side with your legs together and bent and with your head, shoulder, buttocks and heel touching the floor. Open the knee on top towards the ceiling, in full rotation, keeping the heels together, as shown in the picture.

Repeat the movement up and down for one minute and switch sides; however, start with the heels lifted at the height of the hip on top.

10. Adductor squat with barbell

best exercises for inner thigh fat

This squat that helps to work inner thighs is performed with the help of a dumbbell.

How to do: with your back straight, position yourself standing, feet apart at a distance greater than the width of your hips and hold a dumbbell in the middle, arms locked. Then, lower your body into a squat, leaving your thighs parallel to the floor.

Hold the position for a moment and then return to the starting position.

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