10 best exercises for bad knees

Many people worry about painful, cracking and unpleasant sounds in their knees when moving, heavy loads, climbing or climbing down stairs. You can find some easy exercises for aching knees, which can help to relieve pain, stretch and relax tense muscles in the knees.

 exercises for bad knees

If you feel discomfort and sounds are accompanied by severe pain and swelling, you should see a doctor immediately. This may indicate damage to or disease of the joints or cartilages, in which intense strain is contraindicated.

Here are 10 best exercise for bad knees.

1- Standing Stretching

Standing, put your feet on the hip level. Wrap your right palm around your right foot and pull it up to your buttocks muscles. You should feel the tension in the front and back hip surface. Hold in this position for 30 seconds and repeat with your left foot. If you are unbalanced, you can use a chair or wall for support. Do 5 sets, for 30 seconds each.

2- Roller massage

Lying on his stomach. Put a fitness roller or gymnastic ball just above your right knee. Tension the abdominal muscles and roll the roller in smooth movements between the knees and pelvic bones. The intensity of the load is moderate. Change your legs. Starting with 1 step, 5 times for each leg.

3- Lunges

exercises for bad knees

Stands. Step forward with your right foot, and move your left foot back half a step. Bend the knee, align the right foot, leaning on the sock slightly bent left foot. Tension the press and pull up the hips. Secure the position for 20 seconds and change the legs. Do 5 sets, 20 seconds each.

4- Leg rotations

Standing, leaning his hand on the wall or chair. Hold a steady posture. Lift and bend the right leg so that the knee formed a right angle. Answer the hip, “drawing” the knee a large circle. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

5- Stretching back thighs

Standing, put your feet on the hip level. Bend your knees, pull your torso forward. Do not deflect the back, it should be flat, stretch the neck slightly. Return to the starting position. If done correctly, you will feel tension in your hip, back and lumbar muscles. You can do this exercise using additional traction, depending on your level of training.

6- Swing straight leg

Standing, leaning his hand on the wall or chair. Standing on his left foot, raise the right up to a parallel line with the floor, slowly lower it down and, without putting it on the floor, take it back. You can lift your foot as high as possible. Do 5 times for each leg.

7- Half Squat

Standing. Put one foot forward and carry the weight on it. Drop down and stop in a half seat. The front knee is strictly above the ankle. While performing, carefully turn the front leg to the right and delay for 5 seconds. Transfer the weight to your socks. Complete 3 sets 15 times each.

8- Stretching of the iliotibial tract

Lying on his left side. Support your lower thigh against the fitness roller underneath. Place your right foot in front of your left knee, crossing your legs. Roll the roller with the side of the hip starting from the iliac wing and not reaching the knee back and forth. Repeat for 2 minutes with 30 second stops. Turn to the right side and do the same exercise to roll the other leg.

9- Calf stretching

Sitting on the mat. Left knee bend, and right leg pull forward and put under its caviar roller or ball. Roll your foot on the roller forward and back, leaning on the palm of your hand. If you find a sore spot, roll it there for at least 30 seconds, then change your legs.

10- Invisible chair squats

exercises for bad knees

Standing, feet at shoulder level, turn them outward, at an angle of 45 degrees. Perform deep squats, as if sitting on a chair, which is far from you. Sit down, bending your knees, but no more than 90 degrees. Then go upstairs, trying not to take your heels off the floor. Perform 3 sets of 15 times.

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